Francine, known to many as Sarai, is a former Division 1 Collegiate Track & Field athlete from Queens, NY. After graduating college with a bachelor’s degree in Economics, she began teaching small group fitness classes at her local synagogue, and training friends for upcoming races. Within a few years she decided to leave the corporate workforce and pursue her passion of helping others reach their fitness goals. Sarai is a certified NASM Personal Trainer, with specialities in Group Fitness Training, TRX training, Corrective Exercise, Kettlebells, and Pre/Post Natal. She is thrilled to have the opportunity every day to help people become healthier, stronger, and more confident.

“When I began my fitness journey five years ago, I wore skirts when I worked out to represent part of who I am as a Torah observer. Although I felt intimidated working out in public, being overweight and wearing a skirt, I didn’t let any of that deter me from a workout, and thankfully it paid off.  The more I exercised, the more my self confidence increased, and I unleashed my inner athlete. Modest Athlete is my alter ego when I workout. My appearance may be modest, but my training is that of an athlete. As a fitness professional, I want to promote diversity in the fitness industry, and encourage men and women who choose to dress modestly while working out."

Sarai has competed in many races, and ran a half marathon in under 2 hours. She is currently deadlifting 405 lbs and squatting 315 lbs.  

When Sarai is not training she enjoys cooking new dishes, traveling, and attending comedy shows.

Pain managment

According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, more than 100 million Americans are affected by chronic pain, which is more than the number of Americans affected by diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined.

Older Adult Training

Staying alive and truly living are not the same thing. With the advancements in medicine and technology, life expectancy is increasing. Taking care of your body through regular weekly exercise is integral in maintaining longevity.

Online training

Everything is now online: your next meal, your favorite outfit, your next date, and now your customized training program! Following a complimentary consultation, I will create a personalized training program to help your achieve your goals.